The brand AVISTA is a part of AVISTA OIL, the corporate group with the sustainable business model. The lubrication production is a pillar of the business model and a pillar of the entire added value chain within AVISTA OIL. Since the commissioning of the lubricant production in 1951, AVISTA lubricants are being produced at the location Dollbergen. Always at the highest quality and always Made in Germany. Being a corporate group, we are active internationally in different segments. Visit the group site of AVISTA OIL here.
It was a long way until the market introduction of our AVISTA range of products for lubricants. In 2019, we bundled our decades of experience and our forces in the areas of product development, sales and marketing and have started a new brand, AVISTA. Our goal: to supply every customer with the perfect product – technically advanced with high-quality and in doing so, at a reasonable price. We are so proud of the AVISTA range of products that we have derived the brand name immediately from our corporate name – AVISTA OIL.

Technically advanced –
We work together exclusively with reputable additive manufacturers.
We have our own product development in Germany.
We dispose of a self-sufficient quality management.

Support based on partnership –
We offer individual customer service through a dedicated team.
We actively support our partners.
Our product communication is clear, authentic and to the point.

Dedicated –
We focus ourselves on the strengths of our products and preserve them.
We are driven by the passion for our products and services.
We remain agile in the further development of our products.

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