Mann Filter is a German brand. The company, which started production in Germany in 1941 with the production of filters for Panther and Tiger tanks during the war, later opened branches in Ludwigsburg, Bösperde and Marklkofen. Mann Filter is the first company in the world to manufacture textile air filters and cyclone separators.
MANN-FILTERs are experts in OE (manufacturer) quality filters. Protects engines, passengers, machinery and equipment in over 300,000 applications with over 6,800 varieties! With over 70 years of manufacturing and filtration experience, innovative, premium OE (manufacturer) and boxed ‘yellow-green’ are designed to withstand the demands of vehicles and machinery and meet strict safety and industry standards.
As a result of many years of experience, Mann Filter is currently the leader as the number 1 filter brand in the world market. It is known worldwide as a well-established German brand that has been producing oil, hydraulic, high pressure, bypass, return line and double filters for many years.

Fortune Trade LLC is the official distributor of Mann Filter in Azerbaijan!

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