Your most reliable partner for lubricants and filters!

As Fortune Trade LLC , it has been your most reliable partner for lubricants and filters for many years. We are always at your service with high quality lubricants and filters!

Fotrune Trade LLC is the official distributor and supplier of several brands of lubricants, filters and coolants ind Azerbaijan. We are always at your service with our high quality and wide range of products. With many years of experience specialized staff< we meet the needs of our customers for lubricants, filters and coolants!

Our customers -Car shops, car repair shopm trade networks, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, metal processing, mining, construction, pulp and paper, energy, wood processing, food industry, etc. are enterpriceses operating in the fields.

We have been a supplier of oil and filters to many companies in the market for many years. We guarantee the authenticity of our products.

We have at our disposal a staff of experienced technical support specialists, specially trained in accordance with strict standards in the field of product knowledge and customer service. Our experts help to solve problems and offer ideas on many issues related to lubricants for various purposes.

Contact us and enjoy the perfect partnership, product warranty and technical support along with high quality products!


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