The Avista brand is part of Avista Oil, which has a sustainable business model. Avista oils, which began producing lubricants in 1951, are produced in Dollbergen, Germany. Avista oils, produced exclusively in Germany, are a brand that always focuses on top quality.
Until 2019, the oils produced under the name Pennasol, starting from 2019, present their products to the market under the name Avista, which is also the name of the plant.
Avista aims to provide the perfect product to every customer – and at the same time, to provide a technically advanced, high quality product at an affordable price!

Fortune Trade LLC is the official distributor of Avista oils in Azerbaijan!

Products offered by Avista brand:
– Engine oils
– Transmission oils
– Industrial oils
– Antifreezes
– Brake fluids, etc.

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